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Friday Fattie!

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Here's a 50%burger, 50% hot sausage with Marinara, baby spinach, Havarty, and Vermont Cheddar....And some appetizers, and pork loin on the side   friday 001.JPG

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Can't wait till they are done!!

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Now you're off to a good start with your fattie. So I'll have to check back for the finished shots.

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Boy, this one was the best yet! The hot sausage came threw nicely with the cheddar; The Havarty cheese is very creamy and a nice addition to any dish. (getting a new camera soon) I can't display the beauty of a nice Fattie with this $%#@ ;-)friday 2 002.JPGfriday 2 001.JPG

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Bad camera or not that looks damn good.

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I concur.  nice looking fattie.  glad it all worked out for you!

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