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How much and what kind of wood chunks.......

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for shoulder and spares? I have a bag of hickory and apple chunks. I was thinking of using both to get a different flavor. My last smoke I used pecan chunks and I think I overdid the smoke flavor. I probably used 7-8 chunks throughout the smoke. My bro in law, wife and niece liked the stronger smoked flavor but myself, parents, sister and 2 other nieces though it was a bit too strong. I was thinking putting on an apple and hickory at the start and then another apple and hickory when I put on the spares. You think that would be too little? How much do you use and do you add throughout the smoke?

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lately ive been starting my ribs (last three smokes i did BBs) with one chunk of hickory and then maybe two foil packs of apple chips.  once after the hickory burns off then one a half hour later.  i have the same smoker as you only modded a bit. 


hickory will give you a stronger smoke taste than the apple.  first few racks i did when i was brand new to smoking i over did the smoke with hickory wood.  way too overpowering. 

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I had the same problem as you have had with too much smoke. Start out with a small amount of each wood.  Lately I have been using Oak for all my pork smokes, shoulders and ribs.  Apple would be good also, milder than most.  Ideally you want a thin blue smoke from the stack/vent, not a billowing white smoke. For the pork shoulder I have been smoking until it hits 160 internal temperature, and then foiled until about 195.  Ribs are smoked for 2 hours, foiled for 2 hours, and un-foiled and lightly smoked for the last 1 hour.  Add enough throughout the cook to maintain the thin smoke and you should be Ok.  This has worked for me fine.




PS---Chips work good too to get a feel for how much smoke you need, but burn out faster than chunks.  I learned on chips.

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I think I would try a good heavy dose of straight apple. it can give you smoke good smokey flavor and then be smooth enough for you and your parents. That's what I would do.

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