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First go at a post with Qview - Smoked Chuck for French Dip

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Well I am getting around to actually posting some results. Some quick background - recently bought a Brinkman Vertical propane unit to play around with at the little restaurant & bar I am partnered in. Started w some butts for pulled pork sandwich, thanks to all the great info I picked up here, a huge hit. Latest effort, smoke some beef for the Friday sandwich special - French Dip. After some chatting with my meat vendor and a trial or two settled on using a chuck roll. Had them split a whole chuck roll lengthwise and net. I rubbed with a simple kosher salt, garlic powder, onion powder & cracked black pepper mix and also slathered with creamy prepared horseradish. Smoked 'em with hickory@ 250 ish for around 7 hrs til they got to 160. Pulled em out a let them rest in pan, foiled for about an hour. Chilled em overnight then sliced and reheated on the flatop grill, topped with grilled onions, swiss & served with some smoke enhanced au jus. Man some good eating. Love this forum,just stuffed full of great ideas & info and real nice folks. Gonna do some butts on Saturday I'll make sure and get a few pics.Smoked Beast.JPG

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Those look great. You have any pictures of them sliced up and plated?

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I'll take 2 and a cold one for here, may need another cold one 

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Those look great - would love to see a pic of one of the sandwiches - and as wildflower said pass the beer

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here's a shot of the plated version. Came out great real nice flavor. Thanks for the love!french dip.jpg

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Nice Finish,       Lookin forward to the Butts Saturday  :-)

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Man that made me hungry and I just ate. Great job.

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Beautiful looking sammie!  So does this mean all SMF'ers can roll into Seattle an get a free lunch?  Just teasin'  Glad you're making money off this little habit.  Any comments from the customers?  Did the horseradish flavor come through in the end?

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Where's this place at? I want to eat there! Looks great!

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Tell you what Dude, you make it up this way 1st beers on me! Great response from the customers, the best part is slicing it on the thin side then reheating on the flatop the fat cooks out leaving you just that great beef flavor. As far as the rub goes didn't get much in the way of horseradish flavor thinking maybe next time i'll try an injection with some 'radish in it to see if I can get it a little more pronounced. The staff said it was spot on but you know I'll be tinkering with it some more!

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Thanks Chef! I am way up here in Seattle, little place called the Nickerson Street Saloon if you ever make it up this way drop me a line I'm always here and would love to meet anyone from SMF

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I'll do that Bigticket. I'll actually be there in about two years. That's a long way off but I bench marked your business web site. Great looking place btw. Love the logo. I bet the patio is awesome. (when it's not raining huh?) The inside looks great. I would totally stop there! Kudos to you! 

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Chef thanks for the kind words. Yeah the patio is great in the summer, although it's too short here. It's a good spot, but I am biased

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