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Ribs tonight!! (with Q-view)

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So I decided that its a Tuesday so why not smoke some ribs?!  Considering the only reason you need to fire up a smoke is being hungry, I figured it was a good time to do so!  I have also decided that I am going to run an experiment this time while smoking my ribs... I got my hands on some Oak wood chips that have been soaking in red wine casks for quite a long time!  So I am going to give these a run today and see what kind of results I get.  After all, smoking is an art and experimentation is the only way to perfect it.  Anyway, the ribs (spare ribs, trimmed my style) have my special rub on them at the moment and have just made their way into the smoker with these wine wood chips.  I'll will post Q-view pics along the way!!!



The beginning!






In the smoker!





More to come as the process develops!

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Looks like a good start

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Good lookin start...If I can't smoke my own ribs, atleast i can watch it being done!  I'll bet those red wine oak chips are packed with flavor!! can't wait to see how they turn out      

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Those look great so far - please post the info on the chips and how you liked them

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Those are going to be good!  


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^^^  That's funny.  My dogs know I am smoking meat, their noses have been going crazy all day!

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Didn't a button to edit my first post so here is an updated picture of the ribs.  This is 3hrs in, right before being wrapped in tin foil! 



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ALRIGHT!!! That's what i like to see....waiting on the Money Shot     

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Now the ribs looks good and I hope you have been spritzing them regularly too.

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There coming out soon, Can't wait  ;-)

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ok ok ok, I dropped the ball on this one.  No pics of the finished product, I was way to hungry when I got home!  Anyway, I will update on the wine flavored wood chips.  My wife loved the flavor that added... myself... eh.... I'm on the fence about them.  They definitely weren't bad, but I don't know if it was the flavor I was looking for when it comes to ribs.  It tasted a little like a rose.  I think it would be a great hint of flavor on a brisket considering that red wine and red meat go together very well.  I will be using the remaining chips that I have when I do my next brisket, then I will decide if I like them or not.


Sorry about the lack of a finished pic.  If it makes you feel better the ribs were perfect... aside from the rose flavor that is!

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Oh yeah, I feel much better that we didn't get to see perfect ribs! Thanks man!


Lol! Just kidding, glad they turned out OK; I'm doing some ribs this weekend so I better go find a rub recipe.

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