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Breakfast fatties

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i stayed up after work the other night and made fatties for a morning potluck. sorry i didnt get more pics. i was very tired. i ended up being up over 24 hours when all was said and done. one of them completely fell apart on me while i was trying to roll it so it went into a loaf pan and cooked that way on the smoker. pulled it out of all the grease and finished it under the broiler. looked horrible, tasted the same. i used eggs, hashbrowns (O'Brien style) and cheddar cheese inside.



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Looks great. I love breakfast fatties

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Those look great - bet they tasted good too

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Fatty piston saved my life, and cost less than five bucks to make.  check it out!

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i used cheap sausage and it had a high fat content, stuck to the bag and when i was trying to roll it the sausage tore. what a mess, lol.

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My wife keeps begging me to do another breakfast fattie. Just don't seem to get much time!

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Looks great!


Nice fatties!



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Now I think that the breakfast fattie is the most often made fattie that there is. Yours look great too.

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thank you all, they were pretty tasty. the one i posted a pic of is the only one that turned out looking very good. they all tasted the same but chaep bacon and sausage make a difference. i'm not going to try to save a buck next time and turn out a better product.

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