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Yeah, and the seeds have none. No one wants to believe that though. It is the placenrum which is the soft usually white tissue attached to the seeds and inside of the chili that has the most. Even a tip of a bhut will put most people in the crash mode! I often take a couple with me to a tavern on the rare occasion I visit one. Always one or two duma*#@$ that want to prove their a man. heheheheh

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 Alrighty then I have a dozen drying. Please PM me addresses etc. and I will send them out till I run out. First come first served. These are for the Bhut Jolokia seeds. These are the real deal and the seeds will not be hybrids. SSSSSSMokin hot and fruity.  Tim

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PM sent. YeeHaa!

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PM has been sent.

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Those are some great looking chilis!  I'd dry them out and go the mortar and pestle route.  They'll last a longer this way and you can add a little (or a lot)  when you want to spice things up.  Enjoy! 

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if you want to see some fools ,you tube / ghost peppers.

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I dry and grind mine to a fine powder. then add together with food grade diatomaceous earth (2/3 pepper dust 1/3 earth) then load 12 g shotgun shells. I use this as a alarm system in my shop, with a trip flare setup. If someone pulls the pin and it goes off NO ONE  can say in the building to steal anything. The diatomaceous earth  is like small sea shells, it cuts and burns the skin good. can be fired from the shotgun as well. nice non lethal deterrent..............note It fires up into air not at intruder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a alarm system and the one time I had a break in the police found the guy outside trying to breath.

They went to his house aand solved thirty burglaries. My neighbor loved getting his new honda mower back.

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I used them in salsa.  I've also made vodka infusions with them.  When I had too many left over from the garden, I tried to make a hot sauce out of them, but it turned out to be more of a ghost chili puree(way too hot to be anything but a base for hot sauce!)

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I would use caution even grinding those babys up.icon_cry.gifdevil.gif

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