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Apple Cider Smoked Pork Chops (QView)

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The food stylist was at it again, pictures to make your mouth water.  A little late on the post but last Wednesday's smoke turned out to be a success, the smoked pork chops were not a knock you off your feet dish, but dang they were good. 




Ok so now that your hungry the not food stylist approved shots on the smoker.



And some that didn't quite make the cut.



And one more for good measure




Hopefully you are at least hungry by now.  It was pretty simple brine in apple cider, water, brown sugar, salt, a little vinegar and some chile powder.  Then smoke.  If you want the details you can check it out on the blog:


Thanks for looking!

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Now the chops look really good and you sure can make them look so good to.

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In the words of my hero Homer Simpson  "Mmmmmm pork".

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Those look awesome and nice presentation 

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Those look very good - what is the sauce? I went to your site and it does not mention it there either - got my mouth watering for sure even though the points dont count anymore

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Here is the link to the sauce it was wicked tasty.

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Thanks for the link. I saved it in my recipe files and may use it with our 4H kids as it is fairly simple and quick

 Thanks again

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