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ET-73... thumbs up!

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i've had mine for three years now. i use it all the time and it's running on the original batteries! what a great thermometer...


sorry, i'm just upping my post count 

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You bet !! I just got mine and realized how off the ones I was using were. Also have recommended it to everone I know. And their now going to get it.


Jeff should get some spiff's back to the site from Maverick for all the sales.

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 for the ET-73, definitely worth the money!  The alarms settings for high/low temps on the remote are GREAT! Maverick send SMF some funds! lol

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I have one and am about to order a second one as they are that good - Some folks have had issues with the transmission but mine has been awesome - I sometimes forget to turn off the send receive units and they have gone for 2-3 weeks between smokes and I am only on my second set of batteries in two years

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