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Hot n' Fast Brisket On The UDS: Juicy Meaty Beefy Goodness

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After my big meat score at Restaurant Depot, I decided my first casualty would be the USDA Choice Brisket. This one weighed in at just under 8lbs. You can see it here on the lower left:

After I pulled it out of the cryovac, I trimmed the fat cap just a bit, and rubbed it down with Moose's Rib Rub #3:

Meanwhile, I got my charcoal basket ready and filled it with briquets and a few pieces of oak and hickory:

I added about 15 lit briquets to the middle of the charcoal pile:

Put the charcoal basket in the drum and covered it, with all vents open so I could get it to temp:

Once the temp gauge hit 275, I closed the vents down about 1/4, and dialed it in at 325 degrees. Time to put the brisket on!

The drum held a steady 325 for the entire cook. I did flip it a few times, and also had some help from a friend who kept a watchful eye on the drum:

After 5.5 hours, it was done! I inserted a probe thermometer and it went it like butter in both the point and flat:

The missus wrapped it in foil, and we let it rest for a few hours. A bit later, our guests arrived, so it was time to get started on brisket deconstruction.

The meat was so tender I literally pulled the point from the flat without having to use a knife:

I saved the point, which I will cut into pieces in a few days and make burnt ends, so tonight we will enjoy the flat, which I slice against the grain:

Here is one plate we served, with corn that was picked about an hour before dinner, along with freshly picked salad greens and tomatoes from the garden:

This was the first brisket I cooked in my UDS, and it was absolutely amazing. So tender, and very juicy.

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Nice smoke I love me some brisket and those burnt ends are gonna be sweet.

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Nice job!

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Nice, very nice brisky, also love the detail on the UDS. Lil piggy missing all the meat on its bone's.

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Looks like you did a great job on the Briskie    

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Very nice job on the brisket and zi bet it will be really tastey too.

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Me hungry!

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Nice and only 5 hours thats quick!!

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