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Pork Roast Help

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I found out this morning that tomorrow at work we are having a department luncheon and they want me to smoke a pork roast.  Ran out of my office to the store and the only pork roast I could find was one that says pork roast in a bag with no bone (4 pounds). I am hoping this can be sliced?  I only have tonight to smoke the pork and bring it to work tomorrow morning.  Do you brine your pork roast?  This could be an issue since I cannot get started until 3:00 today. 

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Part of my problem solved. Found out I have a loin. Left work and have it brining now (Kosher Salt & water).  This way it will at least brine all night.  Told my boss he better let me off work to brine or he will have one hard pig  ha ha


In the AM

Use olive oil to coat loin

Rub: Brown Sugar, kosher salt, paprika, cumin, pepper, onion & garlic powder.  I have not done any rubs other than olive oil, salt and pepper so any help on this would be appreciated.


Smoke at 225 for an internal temp of 150, then wrap in foil and let sit.  Correct temps?


This is a 4 lb loin so I am not sure how long it will take, but I will need to leave my house at 10:30 to take it to work.


I am concerned about it being hard and dry since there is not much fat to a loin.  I have seen other post where bacon was wrapped around the loin or apple juice sprayed. Are these for adding moisture?  I do have a meat injector which I could use but not sure what to inject or how much.

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It has been reported that brining pork or other red meats is of little benefit. From what I can see, brining is only of measurable benefit for poultry.

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For pork I'd go higher than 150. But then again I am from the South were the tendency is to cook meat not warm it up, especially pork. I want mine good and dead the meat and everything in it. LOL Do at least 160 if not all out to 170.

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Never done brine with pork so  I can't help with that, but the  (general) rule is 1.5 hrs per pound, I wrap my loins with bacon and they are very moist. And definetly go for internal of 160* minimum, Hope this Helps......Good Luck and remember We love the Q-veiw!

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Now I to agree with Dick and brining will do little to no good and the same with injecting. Now I would wrap a few pieces of bacon over the loin. Then I would smoke it at maybe 230*-250* and take it to maybe 150* for me I like alittle pink in my pork. You don't have to go that low but I wouldn't go much if not any above 165*. After that I think the loin will be dry and leathery to.

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I just did a tenderloin roast that way and the wife gave it a very enthuasitic thumbs up. I was getting some funny looks until she sank her teeth into the first bite then it was over.


I did the basket weave thing with the bacon then wrapped it round the rubbed pork loin strips to bind the strips into a roast and pinned the ends of the blanket together with a few tooth picks.


Good eats.

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I'd go no more than 165°, between 158° and 160°.  Wrap in a towel and put in a small cooler (even a cheap foam one at the $ store) and it will continue to cook but also redistribute the juices so it won't be too dry.  Take it to work and bribe your boss for extra days off and you'll cook more; once he tastes it he'll easily agree!

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Wow it looks like my post from about 4 hours ago did not post.

Here is what I understand

I suppose I might as well let it continue to brine since I have that started already.

Smoker temp at 235, internal temp at 160

Wrap with bacon

What do you think about my rub, is it a little too much?  I was thinking olive oil, salt and pepper since I will be using the bacon?


Instead of wrapping in a towel and using a cooler, could I wrap in foil and take it like that.  I live 4 miles from work. Or is there a specific reason for the towel and cooler.  By the way, when you say towel do you mean like a bath towel or something like that?

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I have the loin smokin but my problem is I have the heat turned down as low as it will go without turning it off and and the temp is 260 in the smoker.  How do I get it lower with a Master Forge?

Since I live in AZ, I noticed that when the sun came up this morning and was beating on the smoker, the temperature went up in the smoker, I put my patio unbrella over the grill and it is still at 250.  Isnt that temp to high and will make the loin dry and hard?

I know I need this done by 10:30 and the internal loin is now at 150 with 2 hours to go.  I hope I make it.

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Don't wrap in a towel first, wrap in foil then wrap with plastic wrap then a towel.  Actually it will be a little more tender if you have it wrapped and in a cooler for at least an hour.  You need the foil because it will still give up meat juice.  Just in case it turns out a bit dry, take some kind of sauce.  I usually use salsa that I have brought to a boil, I add a little butter and garlic to the salsa,  I leave it chunky but the bits are no bigger than 1/4".  I did that last night for grill pork chops topped with salsa sauce.  You can also put the heated salsa in a blender and puree it then put back in pan and try to reduce a little more or just go with the puree.  If you go with the salsa topping make some Mex rice to serve the meat and sauce on.

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With the bacon wrap you won't be needing the olive oil.

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I hope you made it Sunshine, Interested in how you made out. 

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Hey Raptor I did make it with 10 minutes to spare.  I did take a couple pictures but how do I load them on this site?

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Something I've tried with my gasser when it gets to hot is open the door.  I've also read post where folks have even left the door a 1/4" or so open to drop temps.  Just a thought.  I've never used plastic wrap, just two wraps of foil and a couple towels.  Glad to hear you made it with time to spare!  

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