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Burnt Ends... or better known as "MAN CANDY" question...

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Ok, so from what i've noticed this is mostly made from the point of a brisket, but thats all I know.  Shouldn't there be a wiki on something as gloriously labeled as "MAN CANDY?".


Input please.  I know I can just do a search and look at past threads (which I probably will do soon) but does anyone have any favorite methods?  It just seems like this is something I can't pass up.


Thanks to all!

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LOL! Man Candy. Now that is funny my friend. I just noticed you're from Greenville, SC, we are practically neighbors. I have friends there and visit a couple of times a year.

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I would do like you suggested and do a search for Burnt Ends. I just did and pulled up a huge list of posts. The normal routine is to cube up the point add a rub and some BBQ sauce and throw it back on the smoker for a few hours. They are delicious.

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Wow!  Man candy?  I never thought of that.  That one could cover a lot of ground.


One of the best ways I have found to get to the "man candy" world is to make my gal "pig candy".  That works every time, and I can enjoy a bit of it too, even though it is a little sweet for me.

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Here is some Man Candy I did a while back. Like Rbranstner said.... cut the point into bite sized cubes/chunks, dust them with a little rub, and then add just enough BBQ sauce to give them a thin coat. Toss them back into the smoker for 2 or 3 hours, and then dig in! These truelly are a wonderfull thing to eat.

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