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Help request-Equipment change

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I have been using a CharGriller duo w/SFB for some time now with decent results. I've been considering a change in equipment. My current setup is OK, but it's not very fuel efficient, requires constant temp supervision, and is just plain too big. Thinking of going with a WSM. I need input from you guys. Should I make that change? I'm a weekend smoker and I generally never cook for more than 6-8 people. Other equipment suggestions? Not stuck on WSB just yet. Thanks for your advice.

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I would consider an MES 40 due to your situation you stated above, but there are soooo many other options.




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If you want something more fuel efficient, you will want something that has/keeps a good/great seal. Anything from 14g steel (I hear they're ok) to 1/4" to kamado style cookers. I haven't cooked on a Weber performer, but quite a few say it's pretty fuel efficient as well. 


Since going from CG to kamado style, I actually cook more on it, because it uses very little lump. Baking, pizzas and all sorts of dinners are done. I very rarely use the stove any more. 


If you want to go propane/electric etc there's also quite a few options. 

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I agree with Bearcarver...


I have the MES 40" with the 1200 watt element and love it.  I also use the A-MAZE-N-SMOKER with it and the two work together wonderfully...

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Many of our members have the WSM and really like them. I would say get whatever type you think you'd like the best whether it be electric, propane, of charcoal

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