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Loving my "STUFZ" Stuffed burger press Step by Step operation (w/Qview) - Page 2

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Droooling with envy....

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Looks like a great find... Whenever i make stuffed burgers they are huge (maybe a bit too big) this thing looks like it helps you to make a perfect bun sized stuffed burger... thanks!

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Originally Posted by Marty Catka View Post

Those burgers look great!  The only problem I have had with mine is that everyone wants different stuffings.  Sometimes trying to figure out which one is which once it goes on the grill or smoker can get confusing. 


They all turned out great last time I did some for the group though, no complaints.

to keep track of them just take a toothpick and then use masking tape to make a little flag out of it. Write on each one so you know what it is. This would work in a smoker, but probably not on a grill due to higher heat.

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hey StufZ lovers, try it with ground chicken too. It is AMAZING!!!



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Originally Posted by NWDave View Post

I just think that's plain cheatin'.  Making stuffed burgers is suppose to be difficult and frustrating.  Now you gone and made it too easy.  Now, everyone will want to do it........Next thing you know, they'll want a special sub forum under beef... called stuffed ground meat or something like that.


Now, what did you say that address was????

LOL... what he ^^^^^^ said!!!!  gotta get one a them!!!

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I keep getting email notifications for a couple of weeks now about this thread so I finally broke down and ordered !!!

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I know you can stick anything in there..but you guys have GOT to make some pizza burgers with's awesome...I put some pizza sauce in the bottom, some diced up black olives, few mushrooms and load it up with mozzarella cheese....and it is GOOOOOODDD eating.



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I'm ordering one tomorrow.




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Ordered mine yesterday.  It's shipping the 24th.  I leave Denver the 24th for Washington State, taking four days (there's some wineries along the way SWMBO wants to visit )  Should be close to delivery by the time I get home.  Love it when a plan comes together.

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Thanks for sharing!

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Check on your order if you dont get a shipping confirmation within a week of the order - my first order did not go thru so I reordered an something got hung up in their system - mine finally shipped last week and should arrive this week - I am not a patient little kid - this is like waiting for Christmas to get here

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Awesome tutorial, I like the premade and freeze idea.

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so me being a sucker for gagets,or maybe good food ideas,i thought this was a cool ,very cool idea, found thier website and ordered.of course when i order, i always have to do X3, because if i dont i will hear from my 2 daughters. thanks for posting this

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scarbelly- sorry you had problems with your order. Nothing came through our system the first time.  Once your order was recieved we shipped ASAP.  ENJOY!!!!

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Ordered mine last week. Can't wait for it to get here. They are really time consuming to do by hand, so I have high hopes for this little wonder!!



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Hey Stufz, my daughter gave me one of your little wonders for my birthday at the end of May.  Once I got to use it, I was sold! Great product and welcome to the forum.

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Received my STUFZ today, burgers tonight !!!

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Glad you like it! Thanks for all you support.



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Got the OK from mama, just ordered one.   Can't wait for it to get here.

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