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Advice for exhaust size

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I have a 30 gallon compressor tank for a firebox,under a 55 gallon SS barrel, my thought is to leave about 1" air gap between the two and run a stack out of 30g firebox into bottom(back) of 55,I was thinking 2"x10" approx 4" long will this work? how big of a stack out of the 55 gal should I use? thanks for any help.should i space them apart more? should I not put the firbox under the drum? I just really love the look of this layout.sorry for such noobness.....Thanks guys and gals great forum!

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According to the excell sheet I have for smokers, you need 50 square inches of hole between the firebox and smoke chamber.  Thats 5 inches by 10 inches.  The air inlet into the firebox should be 7 square inches.  Your chimney should be 9 inches for a 4 inch diameter pipe, or 16 inches long for a 3 inch diameter pipe.   Good luck and keep us posted! 

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Not sure about the specs but thought I would post up a pic or two of my first two smokers ever built. This was in the days of which I had no idea that there was even such a thing as a bbq spreed sheet. LOL. Both of these smokers work quite well. The first one has smoked more pounds of deer jerky then I have gray hairs. Just for the record thats alot.


These have 4" fire to food and 2" stack on #1 and a 4" stainless on #2


DSC03467 (Large).JPG


DSC03519 (Large).JPG

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cool thanks the pix help......p.s any good sources for hinges? would love to use a pin type (inner,hidden style) And a good place to buy good themometer?

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I have always went cheep on my thermo's and just pic up the candy thermo at the hardware store. I have had very good luck.


Here in KC we have a metal supply called metal by the foot. For most everything they are priced like there steel is plated in gold, but if you need something odd they have it. The upside to this store is that some things are for cheep. I buy barrel hinges there for like 2 or 3 bucks, these were just plain old round barrel hinge. Last week I stopped in at one of the local weld shops to pick up a fat head weld hat as this is what I wear at work to keep the sweat out of my eyes. They had barrel hinge as well but they are tear-dropped shaped to make welding easy. They were 4 bucks per set. I am not sure about the hidden hinge thing but here is a link that may help.


These are the ones pictured in the link, I believe. Also what I used for my firebox door.


DSCF0162 (Large).JPG

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