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Butt sammie

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I thought I would share a few pics of last nite's Butt. Wraped at 160*, pulled at 190 to rest. chukie 002.JPGchukie 003.JPG     chukie 001.JPG                                                                                                                                                                                             

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Looks super Delicious, and id looks very moist too.

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Now that looks really good and I too will say very moist too.

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Nice bark, like the way looks.

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yes nice bark look great well done

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Great looking smoke man - looks mighty tasty

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Holy Hello!!!!!! Gonna be a sammie party at my house soon. Wonderful Job!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing

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Thanks everyone; This was one of the best BUTTS I have done so far. I used some homemade rub, minion method with pecan, and the ET-73 was great (since it's 99* outside).

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Nice job!

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