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Fatty's Cook time and Temp

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Hey All, good morning.

   Prepped 2 fatties last night for smoking today (QView will be up later).  My question is this, I know I'm looking for an internal of 165-170 for the pork sausage but at what time / temp combination.  2 hours @ 240, 3 hours @ 225, etc.  Want to eat at 5, so am thinking of putting them on at 2 just to be safe..

  When they are done, am rolling them in fresh pizza dough to bake in oven, yes they are "pizza fatties" stuffed with provolone, mozzarella, onions, mushrooms and pepperoni.  We will have marinara on the side when they come out of the oven,  Yes my wife even did the bacon weave, like I said QView later.

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OOps, just read Jeff's basic directions on the SMF homepage, questions answered.  Thanks though.  QView in progress.

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Waiting on the Qview, sounds good.



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Noqw there is all kinds of info here if you just look for it.

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Alright, QView time

1st, Thank God for the Wifes patience to do the weave.

1st Smoker Fatty 001.JPG

2nd Sausage Prep

1st Smoker Fatty 002.JPG

3rd All the ingredients

1st Smoker Fatty 003.JPG

4) Cutting open the sausage bags and adding the pepperoni. 

1st Smoker Fatty 004.JPG

5th)Cheese Layer, a mix of mozzarella and provolone.

1st Smoker Fatty 015.JPG

1st Smoker Fatty 005.JPG

6th) Added mushrooms and sautéed onions.

1st Smoker Fatty 006.JPG

1st Smoker Fatty 016.JPG

7th) Rolling in wax paper, then transfered to plastic wrap to tighten.

1st Smoker Fatty 011.JPG

1st Smoker Fatty 017.JPG

1st Smoker Fatty 012.JPG

1st Smoker Fatty 014.JPG

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QView Part 2




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QView part 3

Fresh out of the Fridge.


Hog Heaven to Temp of 240


Fattys are finally in Heaven, Hog Heaven that is...


Checking temp after 1.5 hours.


After 2.75 hours they were done to 168.


Me, doing pizza maker impression for outer crust


One wrapped in pizza crust, the other waiting still.


Thought all 3 things would fit on 1 sheet, boy was I wrong,  thing in middle is pizza dough with fatty drippings that my son wanted for "Bread"


As you can see I ended up putting them on seperate cookie sheets.


1st slice.


more to the middle




One with marinara


Finally my 16 year old ate everything on his plate...



Thus ends the story of my first fatty.  I made it a pizza one and it smoked for 2.75 hours at 240 for 167 internal temp.  This wont be my last according to the family.  Have a great night all.

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QViews posted but since I am still new they have to be reviewed.  Should be up later.

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Great looking Qview.

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thanks for posting all those pics! looks great! i get to make some fatties after work tonight. late night smoke!

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That looks awesome. I love the baking it in pizza dough thing.

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Looks awfully good, I have only done 1 fatty so far but I like the pizza dough idea.

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Nice Qview....those fatties look amazing.  Might have to try the pizza dough thing, good idea.

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Those are great looking fatties - I like the pizza wrap too. Gotta give fatties a run here again soon

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