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ROLL TIDE! Had an awesome time slow smoking me some Gator tail ground up with minced onion, garlic powder, paprika, salt n ppr and Rolled Hehehe and Bacon wrapped with a Hickory BBQ sauce and grape jelly mixture for the glaze at the end. Man they were awesome!

grnd gator tail2.jpg



grnd gator tail5 (Medium).jpggrnd gator tail4 (Medium).jpg

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Gator Balls????

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areoforce100, no not Gator Balls. don't Make male origins of any species into food. no offence but read it again bud! Gator Tail ground up and Rolled by the Crimsom Tide

into Meatballs. not gator genitalia. 

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Sorry about that.  How about  Bacon wrapped ground alligator meat balls?

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hey man no need to be sorry i got the jist of it and do have a sense of humor by the comment. It's all good in the neighborhood!  see your profile pic and want to say man thank you very much Sir for your courage and doing all you did while serving in the military for me and everyone that live in the United States Of America! oooAH!  

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