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planning a 250 gal. R.F smoker

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Hi All I'm in the planing  stages of a 250 gallon reverse flow smoker my problem is I'm having a real hard time locating  a suitable propane or large air compressor tank. I have searched craigs list and ebay without real good results , being here in central Florida (Sebring ) we do have a couple of propane dealers here although I have not called any of them yet as I almost sure they may not be willing to sell a used tank due to the  liability of an unexperienced person trying to cut one open. If any one may know where I could score one I would be most appreciative. thanks well in advance. Brian

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Hey Brian, nice to have ya around. I know you stated in your post that you are in Florida but for us memory deficient folks like myself, when ya have time you might think about going into your profile and post where you are located and such since I will forget this within minutes.


As far as the propane tank, here in Kansas City there are several propane dealers that will sell old defective or out of date tanks. I think my friend at work got a 250 for like 75 bucks.


Good luck.

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you might try to find a local L.P. tank repair place for any junk tanks they can't use as a propane tank anymore or scrap yards along with auto salvage yards that take in scrap metal too....i used to work for a place like that, they always have junk tanks....that's where i'm gonna go for a 150 gal tank when my SFB smoker dies and i do up a RF smoker.............bob



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scrap yards are the best place.  LP dealers usually stock their old tanks until they get enough to take a load to the scrap yard.  but scrap yards are my favorite place to look.  You may end up leaving with a tank and the rest of the steel needed for the build.

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Check with an Amerigas propane dealer some of them will sell there old tanks. I've gotten a couple from one of them

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Thanks guys for all the suggestions I'm gonna hit some of the local scrap yards neighbor just scored one from one of the local propane dealers for free he said they may have a few more so on my way to the scrap yards I'm gonna check with them hopefully I can get as lucky as him. Thanks once again all.
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Free is the best !!!!

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ok after much searching I finally got my tank and I'm currently flushing it out on my second fill and drain  starting a new thread and posting pics as I go once again thank you everyone for your suggestions I wound up getting my tank from ameri-gas  I think I paid way too much but I have my new project

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