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Fish-O-Lator Day

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Well i decided to try some fish on the rib-o-lator today..So today we will call it a Fish-O-Lator  Got 2 nice slabs of steelhead trout and 1 slab of salmon.. Also throwing on some vegie-kabobs to fill the other tray up....Rubbed the veggies down with some evo and then sprinkled on some spices..... Then spiced up the fish a little and onto the wsm they go....Will post finished pics when they happen,,,,,,Happy smokes







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got the fish and vegies finished up..Also since the wsm will burn for a while I decided to throw on some jerk salmon and some small sirloin steaks......Have a great day.







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that looks great

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Wow !

You're eatin' good tonight Mike !





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Everything looks great there Mike but this is the 3rd time you have smoked with your new rib/fish-O-lator and I haven't got a call. Now I might be getting a complex here. I might even need some counseling or a shrink what do you think??? Now the fish looks awesome and I have been seeing a shrink for years now.....LOL....... Maybe the smoke is getting to me too.

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Thx for the kind word..Even the steaks turned out great....Happy smokes

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