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Will it fit ?

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I recently purchachased Cabela's  Commercial 1/2 horsepower meat grinder.  I believe the size of the plates are #8.  I called Cabelas to order a 10mm grinding plate.  They are out of it and don't expect them in until mid August.

The Sausage Maker has what they say are #8 sized grinder plates to fit #8 type grinders in the size I need.

Does anyone know with some certainty that the plates that Sausage Maker sells will fit a Cabela's Commercial 1/2 horsepower meat grinder?



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get out the ruler Or Micrometer and measure the disc you have and ask sausage maker the dimensions of their disc.  if they match then buy them.

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You should be able to go to their website and it should tell you what size the plates are. Now I have a grinder from Gander Mtn and they don't even sell the plates for their own grinder. Go figure. But The Sausage Maker should also have the plates they have a slough of the plates.

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Thanks Friends,


I sent an email to Sausagemaker.  I tried to take some measurements off the plate that was sent with the grinder, but not sure if I read the rule / micrometer correctly.  I'm waiting for the email response.

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Iaorana Val,


Maybe this will help.


What is my grinder size?
If you don't know the size of your grinder, simply measure the distance across the center of the grinder plate, then use the chart to determine your grinder size.


Grinder Size

Plate Diameter


2 1/8"


2 1/2"

#10 / #12

2 3/4"

#20 / #22

3 1/4"


3 7/8"



What they are saying is all #8 grinder plates are 2 1/2" regardless of what brand you have.


Here's something else I've tried, smoking with coconut shells, I use half of a half broken into 50 cent size pieces, it's pretty good with chicken, next I'm going to try it with some tuna.



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Aloha Gene,


Thanks for the sizing chart. I'm waiting on the email from Sausagemaker.  When I measured my plate I get somthing under 2 1/2 inches. Worse case scenario is that I order the plate from Cabelas when it comes in 2-3 weeks from now.


Hey...coconut shells sound interesting.  Does it impart  a hint of  coconut oil  flavor in the product?  When we were kids, my mom would extract coconut oil to use as an ointment. I don't recall how she did it but I can still recall the smell of the oil.


Have you tried slicing tuna into strips and smoking them at about 150 for 7 hours so that you end up with something like a cross between dried fish and jerky?  With the needle valve modification you've made to your rig, you should have no problem getting down that low.




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I have the same grinder and love it. I believe that the plate your looking out will fit. Cant wait to hear the response from Sausage maker.

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I think it will, the size I believe is basically the throat size so I think you should be fine. 

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We have a refinery for the coconut oil, they use the dried meat of the coconut, the point being we can smell it and the taste imparted by smoking the shells is different, it is more like the taste of fresh coconut, ....if that makes sense.  I use a pineapple based marinade or bbq sauce and the coconut smoke mixed with that is very good, kind of like pina colada.


Fish jerky, never tried that, in the day time the lowest temp I can go is 180°, I've gone lower late at night, but, I like my sleep. LOL  However, I've ordered a heater strip and PID controls along with an Amnzn smoker so that I can cold smoke right along with the rest of you, I should have it up and running by the end of the month, then I'll give your tuna jerky a try, ...maybe with coconut sawdust.



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