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Its the weekend, you know what that means!

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Well another weekend I didnt get overtime so mine as well smoke something.  Decided on this when i woke up so something reasonable was in order, figure I'd try spare ribs again.  Gonna try a 3-1-2 method this time for better bark and some pull.  Made a random brown sugar based rub and loaded even more sugar on!  Ill keep ya posted!



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Now i am hungry, haven't had lunch looks promising!

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Off to a great start...  I also feel like pork today. I'm going with the Butt ; Should be going on the smoke shortly!! Happy smokin 

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3.5 hours in, still not pulling from the bone like i wanted but throwing em in foil now anyway



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those spares are lookin gooooooooood!

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With untrimmed spares you don't always see the pullback as well. Those are looking mighty fine to me!

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So after 1.5hrs in foil they didnt look so good, meat was really soft and the bones were disconnecting completely from the meat which i didnt want. Was gentle and put them back on and sauced them up to get some better color and everyone liked but I wanted better, plus the ends were very dry though the middle peices were nice.



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Well the ribs look pretty darn good to me. But I'm in fla and I can't feel the ribs. You said that you wanted some pull to the ribs too. Now I have found that if you limit the time in the foil you will get more pull. That's why when I do spares I only foil them for an hour maybe alittle more but not much. Then I take them out of the foil and back into the smoker for the last hour. Now ribs ribs do look yumO

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That looks great.

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Those do look delicious!  I've also adjusted my foil time for spares back to about 1 1/4 hours to get a little pull.  I've been pretty happy with the results.  Wishing I had some ribs right now!  

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