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Saturday butt smoke

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Picked up these Boston Butts at Sam's Club, rubbed last night and in the and back in thr refrig.





I fired up the smoker at 7:00 this morning using hickory and maple will post some more Q-view as the day progresses

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Looks like a great start

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Looking Good....Bring on the Butts. (Just curious) are you planning on sliced or pulled ?

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These butts are to be pulled, 1:15 pm this smaller one out to be foiled at 165 degrees




 At 4:15 the other reached 165 and was foiled



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Hey do you have my smoker for I have two butts in the smoker too. Now I didn;t have any Q-view of mine thou. Yours looks like they will be really good too. I have mine in the cooler now just a waiting the pulling later tonight.

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Finished product....foiled and in the smoker to 205 degrees about a 12 hr. smoke. in the cooler wraped in towels for 1 hr. falling apart while unwrapping. I used a rub from Food network 3D, Guy's trip to Kansas City. Thanks for looking.






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Looks awesone, and YUMMY!!

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your butts look nice lol

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Looks great! Thanks for the Qview!  

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that looks dang good.

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