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Sausage/Bacon/Pepperoni Pizza ---- q view!

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Well, I didnt find an exact pizza forum, but since It was mostly pork/sausage on mine, I figured Id post it here.  I made two pizzas, Mine was the title, and my wifes was roma tomatoes, cilantro, diced tomatoes w/ green chili's, and pepperoni and cheese of course.  The crusts were kroger brand, in a two pack, can o sauce, and kroger pizza cheese


All I can say is wow! they were fantastic!  Got my fire box in the 700-800 degree range, threw my pizza stone in the smoke box to preheat.


oh before I did that, I took the sausage and made a big patty out of it and smoked it, then crumbled for the pizza! :-)


anyways, heres the qview! only took about 10 min per pizza






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do you see the bacon'y goodness popping through that last one?? mmmmmm


i smoked it with chefrc's blend of wood chips, mesquite smoking wood, and stubbs charcoal

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Looks mighty tasty.

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Man, that looks awesome. I love pizza! I can't believe I've never done pizza on the grill or in the smoker. What do you have your pizza laying on? I have a pizza stone but not sure if I want to put it in the smoker. But then again, if I did do that, when I put it back in the oven it would still have that smokey flavor. That would be cheating, but might work!

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Yes that is one great looking pizza you have there. Now there are a few folks here that make pizza's on their smokers and I need to really try one soon.

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"All I can say is wow! they were fantastic!  Got my fire box in the 700-800 degree range, threw my pizza stone in the smoke box to preheat. "


700-800 degrees?  That hot?  Is it really necessary?  Since you are now the "expert", you're the one to ask.  I don't know without experimenting with my camping grill if I can get the temp up above 500 degrees (and that's as high as the newly installed temp gauge goes).


Now I've got to get a pizza stone that will fit on my camping grill.  See the trend, I take a smoker and grill when we go far afield.  I find more converts out there amongst the primitives that you're not limited to mere hot dogs and marshmallows.


Another question:  Is one pizza stone as good as another or should I be looking for special considerations?

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Well the 700 was in my smoker box, it was actually about 350 in the cooking box. I was actually going for 700 in the cooking box to try and imitate brick oven pizza. But it didn work that way and turned out better I would think. As for the pizza stone, it's just one of my wires from pampered chef I believe.

I is definitely on my to do list again!!!!
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Well, I tried smoking a couple more pizzas today.


I failed.  Miserably




As I tried something I shouldnt have.  I build a big fire in my main box, with the pizza stone on top.  Had awesome heat going....approx 500 and rising.  Burnt two pizzas to a crisp.  You could grab one side of the crust, and it was hold out in front of you horizontal.


So, Ive learned two things.  NO ACTIVE FIRE in your main box.  Keep your cooking temp around the 350-400 mark.


Lessons learned.


I would've made two more, but I didnt have anymore cheese, and the store was closed today...doh!


hope this helps you pizza fiends!  :-)

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That is definatly on the short list!!  Looks awesome!

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I love a smoked pie, nice job!

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These look super tasty!    I've used the pizza stone on my grill, heated the propane grill up somewhere 600 +? (therm I was using went over the top) and it came out just like the real thing! If I were using the precooked crusts, I wouldn't take the heat up that far. I had fresh dough, kept them on the smaller, thinner side and they cooked in minutes.  I'm never bothering with the pizza stone in the oven again!  It was during one of our rare Washington "heat waves" this summer and I didn't want to cook in the house. Love the sausage patty trick - that's a great idea. The stone I have looks just like this one, NWDave. I don't know if there are differences brand to brand.  I've tried the tiles tricks and prefer the stone. 

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looks good friend

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