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Looking for a smoker!

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Can anyone tell me where I can find a GOSM Big Block smoker.  I borrowed a friends a month ago and decided I needed to get one, but for the likes of me, I can not find them anywhere.  The places where I know they were once stocked are out and I have also read things that indicate they were bought out by Vermont Castings a while back.

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Bass Pro seems to be the place to get them. Somebody said they would have them back in stock the first part of next month hopefully he was right

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I also say that Bass Pro Shop is you best bet and they are pretty cheap there I hear.

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Another member says Bass Pro has them in stock now and just ordered one. If you order online, do a search for coupon codes, there are some for $20 off. 

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As the others have said, Bass Pro Shop online...they're back in stock.

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Thanks everyone for your input. I just ordered what I think is a GOSM Big Block from Bass Pro Shop.  We shall see when it arrives.  I have been on vacation and was concerned that they might be sold out before I was able to get one ordered.  I can already taste the ribs.


Give a man some ribs and feed him for a day, teach a man to smoke and feed him and all the neighbors down wind for life.

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