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Friday...time for meat!

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Todays installment on the "making the neighbors drool" campaign!

5# brisket and ribs! 

Ribs have Dollar General "Memphis style barbeque spice" for a rub (cheap and pretty good too!)

Brisket has Ralph's Brisket Rub, flea market find that tastes great too!






We are adding fresh local grown sweet corn on the cob to the mix for dinner, but that will be done on the grill.  Not enough room in the smoker!

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Your neighbors aren't the only ones drooling friend.

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Looking good - I'll take a plate of that for sure

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Looking good.

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Well, this is the fourth outing on this smoker and I have decided I need to do a few things to be able to raise the temps.  I can hold it at about 225 but thats it.  No higher.  My first thoughts are to drill a few holes in the charcoal bowl for a little airflow.  I have already installed a grate for coals to set on.  Any other thoughts?  It is a 16" bullet with a lid vent....No name plates so unsure of branding.

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Looks like an ECB to me. Yep, drill some holes in your fire pan and throw A small grill in there and you will be set. Personally 225 is ideal for everything I do. If I need to grill something I just crank up the propane grill or weber charcoal.

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The 225 is great and right where I wanna only concern is that I cannot make it hotter if necessary at the moment.  I would feel better about being able to vent a little to maintain 225 than have to keep all of it when its 80 deg. outside.


Here are todays finished products!



the brisket.  First attempt....tasted really good with a little famous daves on it






The ribs!  The smoke ring was great and the home-made sauce added a nice finish without alot of spice (kids liked it without the spicy)

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 Ribs look good. 


I think it is time you get a larger smoker and then it will not be large enough. Tonight I smoked  sweet corn (1st time) and put sea salt, lots of butter and cayenne pepper on it, all I can say is WOW!!!!

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Now That's some real Q. You have done a fabulous job there Wingspan. I really love that smoke ring.

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