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smoked puerco pibil

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At one time there was a post about making smoked puerco pibil, now when i search for it i can not find it.  I think it was posted by Fire It Up but now when I search for the post it just says sorry.  If anyone has it or knows where i can find it, it would be greatly appreaciated.

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You should try the advanced search and just put in Fire it Up. Now I can see if I can find it for you??? 

try this one I think it is the one your looking for. I saved it for future use.

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huh, the first post by Fire it Up just says "sorry" on that one too. 

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I see what you mean, lots of responses but no pictures and no recipe. ????

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It appears he edited it out for some reason.

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oh well, i was most interested in how long to keep in on the smoker before wrapping it.  i dont think he wrapped it from the start but i could be wrong, any suggestions

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This is the whole thread minus the thread starter. If you read down thru it you can get some good tips. Look up" Once Upon A Time IN Mexico" and it will lead you to the recipe. The poster wrapped it in banana leaves before smoking. I had no leaves so I did it without. Viva.... Once Upon a Time in Mexico

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