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Gonna give it a go

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So the time has come in my young smoking career to give a fatty a try! Gonna start with a weave of bacon, layer of spicy pork ground sausage, some sliced onion, a little more cooked bacon cut up, then some monterey jack cheese w/ jalapenos mixed in. Gonna use a combo of rub and jeff's sauce both in and out. What say you Fatty experts out there? Q- View will follow once complete tomorrow....time to prep!!  Oh yeah some Baby backs are going on to!

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Sounds like a winner to me. You are going to love it. Might as well make two as you are going to wish you did if you don't.

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sounds good save me a slice

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sounds like a good plan to me. Cant wait to see the results.

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well, its been in about an hour now, with two racks of baby backs.  Here is some Q view of some before pics!






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What time should I be over, I'll bring the beer  

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You can come on over anytime but there is none this thing was awesome. I am screwed and about to gain 50 lbs this weekend. The thoughts of fattys are running through my head.




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Looks like it came out great.

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Thanks! It really did, I am already planning my next one for the guys at work on Sunday. How do you guys reheat these. The only thing we have at work is a small oven. I am making it on Sunday to bring it in on Monday.

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Yepper that's a FATTIE and a good one too. it looks from here. But it would be better if I could touch it and taste it thou.

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