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I start with the basket. Typically smoke during the day and I do monitor it....  as the first half of the basket begins to ash out but while it still has some glow, I begin to add wood on top. Maple, cherry, oak, whatever I have in whatever proportions seems good to me in the moment. So my smokes start with that basket of lump, but from there it's all wood.


It does make a difference. If I do an all-maple smoke, it tastes different than an all-cherry.

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Awesome way to adapt the idea.   I did a smoke just using wood last weekend.  Honestly it was a PIA compared to using the basket.  There was no benefit in flavor in my opinion either. 

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I am not saying that you cant change the flavor by the type of wood, what I didnt see was a benefit of using just wood.  I add wood chunks to the top of coals in the basket on a continual basis until my meat hits 140.  After that it really doesnt gain you anything in my opnion.  Hickory and Peach woods are my favorite.  


And yes I decided to do an all stick burning smoke just to experiment.  This pit is helping me practice and make decisions on how to run the team trailer pit when we get it finished and into action. 

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Fourthwind, I'm about to make my charcoal basket 15" x 15" by 8"  was wondering if you ever tried this basket with lump?

I see that coyote-1 Has tried it but am a little confused. Coyote are you adding splits on top of the basket and leave it in the whole smoke?

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Never tried lump in the basket.  When using the minion method in the past, lump just wasnt consistent enough for my likes, so I got used to using high quality briquette.

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