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Sirloin Tip Roast Smoke

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Well, I bought a 23lb sirloin roast a month ago and cut in half and did the first half up.  Not totally satisfied with the results, so this is try number 2.  This time I scored the fat on top, seasoned it up with my own seasoning, and also injected some of it.  I smoked it for 7 hours, cut 2 lbs of it off and wrapped it foil for pulling later.  It turned out excellent, very moist with a great smoke ring, too bad all I had was my phone camera because I was very proud of it.  My first try at ABT's also and they were a big hit.  Here is the qview for you all.



sliced.jpgpulled with abt.jpg

IMG00018-20100716-1346.jpgready for foil.jpg3 hours in.jpg

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WOW looking to good to be in a picture it should be eaten LOL..


Good job... bet it tasted as good as it looks or even better...


Good smoking

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Yes that roast looks fabulous and I bet it was pretty darn good. Now how did it pull for I don't think that a sirloin roast wouldn't pull very good. It's to dense hunk of meat for pulling but it does make for some really good sandwich meat. I know cause I keep some in my freezer all the time.

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that looks great, want a tip to clean the thermometer glass, wipe it off  with white vinegar

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Thanks RD, I will try that.


It actually pulled quite well.  It had a nice marbling of fat that rendered so it was quite tasty.  I had read on here about saving the juices so that is what I did.  I should not have used it though.  By the end of the smoke it had kinda burnt in the pan to the point where you could smell it.  I added some anyhow and did not like the taste of after that.  Good thing I had eaten most of it before I added it..


Those slices of sirloin I served with au jus and it was great!!


Now I just need to read the wiki on how to post picture so I can label them and put them in the right order.

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