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Little Pork Butt

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I have a little 2.5 lbs pork butt I got on sale at the store last weekend. Any idea about how long that will take on the smoker? If i have read correct you guys foil the pork butt at 165 then how high do you take it after that? Any help would be great!

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The time would depend on the smoker temp. As for what temp to smoke it to if your going to pull it take it to 200-205 then rest it an hour and pull it

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My goal for smoker temp is always between 225 and 275. Now do I actually get that? I am still working on that part. 

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I don't foil my shoulders. 


I cook small ones like you, because most of the time, it's just lunch for me. And I prefer to cook fresh shoulders than make 1 large one and vacuseal the left overs. 



Usually takes me about 4-4.5 hours for a 3lb'r @ about 250.

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I would foil the butt and then take it to 200*-205* and you will really like it I believe. Now if you I wouldn't run the smoker over maybe 250*.

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I normally do not foils mine as I love the bark and they are very moist, but one that small I think I would, good luck and post qview

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Well I finally got around to making this little pork butt. It turned out great. I put a rub on it and it took about 6 hours. It stalled out at about 180 for what seemed like forever but then in the last hour it shoot up to 210. It tasted great and I still have some left overs for lunch.

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