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Ribs and Brisket this Saturday....need help

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Havent been on site in a while.  Last time the site had a different look.  I need a refresher on how to do things.  Babybacks should be 2 hours with rub-2 hours wrapped in foil-1 hour out of foil then wrapped and put in cooler to rest?  I tried 3 times last year and almost had them to my liking.  First time to much rub second time I started mopping and the third I loved the taste but they didn't fall off bone, a little dry.  I made Billbo's BBQ sauce and everyone loved it.    Temp smoker should be for ribs?


Now I tried brisket and it came out like a piece of leather.  Can someone tell me temp and how long for brisket?  Rub?

Thanks for your help in advance.  Some big meat eaters coming Saturday. 

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I smoke both ribs and brisket at 225

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When they are in foil do you open up foil and continue to spray with apple juice.  Last time I used apple juice and captain morgans spiced rum. I didn't spray during that 2 hours they were in foil.  Was that my mistake?

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No I don't do anything to the ribs when they are in the foil. You also can stop putting the smoke to them to. I do smoke most of my meats at 230* to 250 except my poultry I smoke that at maybe 275 to 300 or so. Now for your brisket I would smoke it also at 230ish for a long time maybe 12-14 hours. Now you want to let it go to about 165* and then foil it qand then take it too maybe  205* and then place it into a dry cooler for atleast an hour and then enjoy and it should be just super tender and juicey. So give it a shot and let us know how it comes out.                     

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Cook the brisket by temp, not time.  I cook my brisket fat cap down.  I use Montreal steak seasoning.  I cook it at 250 degrees until the brisket reaches abour 155-160 degrees.  Then wrap it in heavy duty foil.  Continue cooking until the meat reaches 200 degrees.  Pull off the cooker.  Leave it wrapped in the foil and let it rest for an hour or two.  If possible wrap it in a towel and put in a cooler.  If a cooler is not available, warm up your oven to about 175. Put the foil wrapped brisket in and turn the oven off.  Let it rest in the warm oven.  My last brisket was about 12 lbs and took about 12 hours.  Remember you must post pics of your cook or it never really happened.

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Thanks guys and I will post pics

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