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Not so hot smoker

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Hi All,


Just trying to figure out how to get my H20 Char-Broil Smoker Hotter.


I put hot water in the pan, I've added enough briquettes, I don't have vents but I opened the door a bit.

I don't know what else to try.



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How bout fire? Lol sorry couldn't resist.


What temp are you gettting to? What are you using to measure it? Have you calibrated your therm? Not familiar with that smoker but I'll google around to check it out.

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There is not therometer on it.  It just says "Warm" "Ideal" & "Hot".  I stuck a meat thermoter in the meat to see what was happening there and it doesn't seem to want to move. It is smoking alot and the needle has risen just a bit, but I don't want this to take longer than it has already.

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Oh, I get it.  It takes approx 2 plus hours to get it hot enough.  It's crazy.  It's finally touching the "Ideal" mark.

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That smoker is famous for the fire smothering itself out because of poor airflow.  I used to use a littl battery powered fan to keep the fire supplied with air.  Or, if you have a breeze, just turn it into the wind.  Those are emergency measures for today.  For a long term fix, search on this site for mods that you can do to turn that smoker into a viable cooking machine.  And remember, that the temp on that meat needs to get above 140 degrees in less than 4 hours after it went above 40.  As much as I hate to say this, if your meat has spent too much time in the "danger zone" you should chunk it or feed it to the dog.  There's no point in getting the whole family sick.  Stop by roll call and intro yourself if you haven't already.  There will be plenty of folks around to help you get through the learning curve on your smoker.


Good luck.

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From what I can see online that smoker looks like an even cheaper version of the classic ECB. First and foremost buy yourself a good therm and calibrate it. Secondly do a search on, "minion method" if your are unfamiliar with it and try using that method to start your coals. Most people here prefer lump hardwood charcoal as opposed to briquets, burns hotter and there are no binders. Lastly I would consider some mods for that smoker like installing an adjustable vent on the lid top. Cheers!

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Most factory installed therms are not accurate, so I would consider buying a new one and replacing the old. The other option you have is to use a meat therm probe in a chunk of apple or potato or wood, and place it at rack/grate level. That will give you the cooking temp where your food is placed. It's all good my friend.

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 e other option you have is to use a meat therm probe in a chunk of apple or potato or wood, and place it at rack/grate level.  

 I agree with Rich and the others but be sure to run the probe THROUGH the chunk of wood or the apple or potato. This may sound like DUH!  , but I just wanted to clear any mud..

Post up a few pics of your smoker when ya get a chance.

And like Geux said, If you spoil a hunk of meat, toss it and try again.

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These fellas are correct. That therometer you spoke of is only good for one thing ( A target while Skeet Shooting ) Keep in mind that an adverage pound of processed Briquets will produce 9,800 Btu's and a adverage pound of natural charcoal will produce 13,000 btu's.Your smoker is similar to an ECB. There are othere ways to keep meat moist when smoking. Try Marinating and get rid of the water pan. Just my personal preference , but when I owned a ECB years ago that's the first thing I threw away right out of the box was the water pan. It never did a well enough job , in my mind, as far as enhancing flavor or moistness to make the hassle worthwhile. If you want added moisture set a soup can filled with water in the center of the charcoal pan. Then add the charcoal around it. I think all your heat is being absorbed in the water pan. Anyone else have thoughts on this?. Try the fan Idea. I thought that was a great Idea.

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