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Two Brisket Smoke and Burnt Ends with QView

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An interesting and frustrating smoke; but all turned out well. Fourteen people were headed to my place for a smoked brisket that I had been raving about for some weeks. I decided to smoke the day before just in case something happened. And it did! For the most part we have a bit of a breeze but this day it was gusty and threw my temps all over the place. It was juggling act just to keep them in the 225-250 range. I had lows to 180 and highs to 290+. I had a full brisket (12 lb.) on the hot side and a flat (5 lb.) on the cooler side of the smoker hoping that each would finish at the same time and they did – 18 hours later. I pulled them at 165 and finished them in the oven the next day until they hit 205, and let them rest for about an hour before pulling the meat.


The smoke was all wood and mostly Apple mixed with a bit of Hickory and Oak. I used Jeff’s rub on the full brisket on top of a mustard rub and a simple kosher salt, course ground pepper, and garlic on the flat on top of mustard.


Burnt ends – before I put them in the oven for reheat I took the point off the full for burnt ends and smoked them another 3 hours. I put the ends out for guests and by the time I got back with my camera they were gone! So, I don't have any pictures. Talk about some good eating – WOW! I used a 25% water / 75% Capt. Morgan spritz during the second smoke on the ends.


And Here Is The Rest Of The Story………………….



This is the full brisket - 7 days off the hoof at $2.99/lb. And it's the best tasting I have had to date. There is something to be said for buying local.





This is the 5# Costco flat. A bit more expensive at $3.99/lb. but a nice cut for sure.





Rubbed and ready to go to sleep overnight.




First look after 6 hours....I was really worried with the temp fluctuations.





Pulled both at 165, wrapped in foil, let 'em rest for an hour and then to the frig.




After the reheat the next day to 205. Rested for an hour and began to slice and pull.




Yummy - from the full brisket. Company could not get enough.




This is the flat from Costco. Quite good and most enjoyed it but the fresh full brisket was preferred. I've been making sandwiches out of this one and I think it is great. Buy the way, the crease in the middle is where it fell apart - tender.





In closing I would need to say to all that have not tried smoking this cut, please do. You will be highly rewarded. Yes it is time consuming but trust me it is a labor of love when it hits the dinner table. There will not be an unsatisfied customer in the house.

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Looks good. Brisket is the one thing I haven't done yet. After looking at this I'm going to have to try one soon.

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Some great lookin slabs of beef right there!

 I have to agree about the full packer being better.

 Only way i'll smoke a flat is if it's been corned  for pastrami.

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wow, that really looks great! what a nice looking bark! congrats on a fine piece of beef!

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Makes me want to skip work tomorrow and smoke! Great looking brisket there!  

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Dean - do smoke one. And I would encourage anyone who has been hesitant to try a brisket to do so. It is much more forgiving than you may think. And of course I have already spoke to the rewards.

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Yes a brisket is a long smoke and it shouldn't scare anyone but it does. But it didn't scare you and you smoke it to perfection too. I'm glad that everyone like it and that you are now the brisket smoking dude.

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Thanks mballi3011,


I have had calls from folks at our party wanting to know how to "make this stuff" because it was soo good. Too funny - how do you make this stuff? Time, energy, reading, smokingmeatforums, dedication, and of course if all else fails; put a cow on the roof of your house and set the house on fire. And a friends wife actually said "really".


I'll let you guys take it from there....

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Everyone oohs and ahhs and wants the recipe and wants to know exactly how you do it

  Untill you come to the part about it taking 10 to 12 hrs + to create great smoked meat. Then the intrest kinda wanes.

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I'm definitely going to pick up a packer and continue my venture....I was only able to get a small flat cut just under 4 pounds that I tried a week ago.   It turned out great, but killed me with a long stall that turned Sunday dinner time into the wife going to bed and me and the kids (2 adult devoured it nearly 11 p.m. that night! lol  I did save the wife a couple slices but she wasn't a happy camper!  Just couldn't help it, when we sampled it there was no turning back! haha

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Gotta love it Dean. My wife and I just ate the last piece today from the weekend smoke. And she was whining - "it's gone". So I decided to surprise her since she is headed to the beach Friday - Sunday with a girlfriend. I'm going to smoke a pork picnic and another brisket over the weekend. I think this will keep us together for at least another week, HeHe.

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Eman you are right on point. As soon as I tell someone that you are looking between 3 and 18 hours for a smoke depending on the meat and the cut, their jaw drops. And I quickly respond with "it's a labor of love - it's not a grill". You get what you pay for and in this case we pay in time but as we all have found out, it is well worth the cost.


Thanks for all the great responses guys, much appreciated

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