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camping butt Qview too

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So the family & I have been camping for th last week. When my turn came for dinner this is what I came up with!


1st photo camping 7-26.JPG


rubbed up


rubbed camping 7-26.JPG


the smoker we had



camping smoker 7-26.JPG




camping pulled 7-26.JPG


money shot


camping 7-26.jpg


sorry for the bad shots! All I had was my iphone on me.



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Looks great to me!!! There is something very appealing about smoking meat in the great outdoors... Its almost like that is what we were meant to do... It is, by far, one of my favorite things in the world... You're living the dream!!! Good show!!!

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your absolutley right john I was living the dream at that moment!!

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where were ya camping at?

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We go a distance! A place called Shaver Lake. North of Fresno in the mounatins! Just had to get out of the Arizona heat

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i was going to say cuz northern az has been getting a lot of rain lately.......

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Looks great.  Making me hungry...

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I put some of soflaquer's finishing sauce on it. My wifes uncle who has cooked & judged many competetions immediatley wanted to know where he could get it. Of course I claimed the whole thing

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Great Qview and thanks for going to the extent you did to provide it!  Soflaquer's finishing sauce is excellent!  

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Now that campsite butt looks great and that sammie is one of the best of the camp grounds I bet. Did you make alot of new friends while you were smoking.

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that looks good, I also bet you made lots of new friends with the smoke rolling though the camp ground

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Lots of on lookers wondering what the smell was, but I fought them off bravely

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Good job, nothing like cooking in the outdoors and pp sammies takes it over the top, yes you were living the dream.


Shaver Lake, brings back good memories, since you have driven so far you might want to check out Edison Lake in the same area, it's at the trail head of the John Muir Trail, very beautiful wilderness country, you won't be disappointed.



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