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23 lbs of sausage is smoking in the plywood smoker and another 8lbs of pork shoulder is smoking in the UDS and a fawking severe thunderstorm on the hottest day of the year (so far) is hitting my county.

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How did ya make out?

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Na Na NA NA NA You really should build you a roof thingy too. 

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hope you made out ok

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LOL Mark! That was mean! I sure hope Solar made out okay. I've gotten soaked a couple of times going in and out when it's raining. What I hate is I do not have gutters on my house so if it's raining hard I am SOL!

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Hot............ You got that right.... We didnt get the t storms here in raleigh. Bet those sausages would cook on the black top.. how about a qveiw

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we shall pray for a good smoking for you, ward off all evil colds and waters.

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Damn and NC. is where II wanna be within  3 years.  Hot, Rainy, I can get that here, I'm looking 4 Utopia.   But compared to here it is.   Hope you made out OK. and look into that roofy thing.  I can give you a good price if you could wait 3 years. Guess I shouldn't  have started mixing hops with grains.

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Thanks for the well wishes! Despite the storm I made out okay. And my best andouille attempt to date was the crowning achievement of the day although the kielbasa and smoked sausage weren't anything to sneeze at either. Got some ripe jalapenos smoking now for chipotle powder and will have 30 lbs of summer sausage in there this weekend.

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I coming to NC

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