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First attempt at ABT's

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Here is my first attempt at making ABT's. They turned out great. DSCN0491.JPGDSCN0492.JPGDSCN0493.JPG

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I couldnt get a final picture of them because i got to busy cutting up and pulling pork. had to feed the masses the were getting inpatiance and hungry out of 64 only end up with 10 left over with 25 hungry people to eat.

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they look like they will be/were good

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Great job SmokingEagle... your fatties look good too!

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Wow thats a lot of ABT's you got there.

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Like that abt that custom made or did you buy it?  It definitely allows enough to be made to satisfy a descent size gathering of folks.  If you made the tray...I'll take one! LOL  

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I custom made that abt holder. it was the first time building one. That was a prototype, after talking to a buddy he will help me build another one with a waterjet he has a work.

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Wow, that's alot of ABT's, those fatties look awesome, what did you put in them? Nice weave too.

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In the abts was chorizo,cream cheese, and cheddar cheese. The fatties were a bbq and pizza.

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Now you are a bunch of folks new found buddy for sure with all them Abt's and those fatties sound great too.

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good looking feast you had there! making me hungry.....

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How long did you smoke your ABTs?

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About two hours then into the broil for 2 min.

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