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Sat Wings with QView

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We have a town near us that has a huge railroad history so we have Portola Rail Road Days every year. Today they were having a fund raiser microbrew even today. So I made 10 lbs of chicken wings and 6 lbs of meatballs(sorry no pictures).


I soaked the wings in water with garlic and cayenne for about 2 hours. I then drained and coated the wings with a light dusting of rub. Then smoked at 325 for about a hour and 20 minutes with Pecan and Orange wood(Thanks Jerry). Made Jeff's sauce(doctored a little) and coated the wings when I had them on the grill getting crispy.  Sorry I only have 1 picture but its all I could manage today.





The flavor mix of the orange and pecan was awesome. Had a nice kick with the combo of my rub and the sauce. Made me sad to give them away for the fund raiser but what can you do.


Thanks for viewing.

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Looks good and I'm sure they were appreciated by somebody

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OOOhhhhhhh..... I so want wings now.... Those look AWESOME.

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For a fund raiser?  Hey,  I can't think of a better way to help things along.

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nice work, and a darn nice thing to do, too!  I want some wings now too!

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Those may be my next attempt! look great!

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Mouth is watering now.  Gotta have some wings.

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They are so dang simple and so dang good. Thanks for the comments guys.

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Man those look great, I love chicken wings!!!!

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Nice job on the wings and contribution, some lucky folks got some tasty looking wings! I'm going to have try these too, soon!  

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First I saw this post.


Those wings are over a week old, and they still look GREAT !



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Man I love chicken wings and those look great !

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Thanks guys they were really good.  I found out that they only had 20-23 people show up for the fundraiser(short notice event) but they ate all 10lbs of chicken and all 6lbs of meatballs.

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