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first brisket

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cooked the first brisket today and it came out good it was a 13 lb brisket.  we just rubbed it down with salt and pepper and smoked it with oak and mesquite about half and half.



here it is at 8:30 this morning

brisket 1.JPG



and here it is 2 hours into the smoke

brisket 2.JPG


here it is done before slicing

brisket 3.JPG


here it is with the first slicesbrisket 4.JPG

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looks great!!!

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It looks great.

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Tasty treat!!!  nice work on your first attempt!  That's how I do it -- KISS -- salt, pepper, & smoke.    How did it taste?

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really good probably needed to let it rest a little longer but could'nt wait any longer

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Wonderful lookin hunka hunka meat.......excellent ring ...

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Looks great nice job

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It looks like you did one great job on your first sure do appear to be smoking like a pro.

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thanks we never do anything half arse around here we just jump in and hope it works

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Looks great Mike ! 


Not being a wise guy, but next time for the benefit of us Qview lovers, could you get a little closer on your sliced pics???

I'm betting it looks even better----closer!!!




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Really nice brisket... Looks great and I'm sure it tasted even better!!! What was your total cook time on that beauty?

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will do that had to resize the pics before posting them but will get closer next time


12 hours 

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