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I'm Smoking Tonight

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After about a 5 hour search all over town, I found a real nice 7lb flat brisket. I figure I will get up at 2:00am to get every thing ready and put the brisket on at 3:am. I have my 40" MES and A-MAZE-N-SMOKER ready to go.


If I can figure out how to upload pics from my wife's camera (She think's I nut for taking pics) I'll post them over at the beef forum.


Thanks too all for the great info I'm about to put to good use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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They always think we are nuts for taking pictures.  You never hear them complaining when dinner is ready though.

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Good luck on the brisket, i hope it turns out great. I agree they never say a word when the food is ready.

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What Ecto1 said -- they don't complain when it's time to eat!!!!  And don't they think we're nuts anyway????  LOL!!!!! 

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