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I agree with Joe.... Sure is convenient!
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Originally Posted by joes bbq ribs View Post

Buck1949, you have the DB on the heat shield you have cut the notches another 1" wider so you can slide the heat shield over the fire pit want to make sure your fire out of the fire pit is hitting dead center on the inverted V" under the heat shield, make sure you have your 2 piece drip tray in the closed position only have it opened if your searing meats or cooking over 400 degrees. Feel free to ask me any questions I'll do my best to answer them and help you in any way possible.


Thanks for the idea.......I saved a photo of the mod you mentioned on the center heat shield. You mentioned the 2 piece 'drip' pan.....I only have the one piece solid steel drip pan. Right now I'm running the the center heat shield - and the left heat shield with the right heat shield completely taken out....and the solid drip pan... This has given me the best configuration so far. Although I have not tried taking both the right and left out - just leaving the center one over the fire box.

Do you use either or both of the heat shields?

So the 1 inch notch really seems to level out the heat? Wonder if this will level out the controller it seems to still be off by 15 degrees or more even after doing the -20 adjustment via the new firmware.

Wish I had time to tinker but am getting ready to leave town and won't be back until after the 11th of April, so changes will have to wait.

Thanks for your input...... I'm am always looking for ways to improve.
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Buck1949, you have the newer heat shield or do you have the 3 piece heat shield? If you have the newer heat shield then you should have the 2 piece drip tray that slides left to right to allow you to open up the holes in the drip tray. Get back to me when you can.
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Joe, I have the original. 3 pieces Heat shields - right, left, and center (which is over the pellet fire box). On top of that is the single piece steel drip plate that has a hole next to the center left edge so that the heat sensor sits below it. As I mentioned I just have the left and center heat shields in place with the right one totally removed.

During 2 calls to GM help desk I was told that my temperature variables were within allowable tolerances. They even told me to run it without the right and left shields, just haven't had time yet to experiment with that suggestion. I don't mind 10-15 degree variances but 20+ degrees from what the controller says (even adjusting for -20 with the software is a bit much in my opinion)

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Buck1949, you are in the Phoenix area correct? Didn't you just get this DB smoker too? Wanting to make sure I have my messages and the person I'm talking too lol as oh ace talked to so many but, I thought you had just gotten the DB. Anyway on the 3 piece heat shield take the left side out completely and notch the bottom cut out a little more so you can slide it over. Get back to me as far as living in the Phoenix area if so I'll give the guys name and contact info he is one of the service reps with GMG lives in the Phoenix area.
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Yep, I'm in Phoenix..... I may have the local reps name....if he is The guy that Sportsman Warehouse salesman gave me. To be totally honest, I have not had the time for the last month to do anything.......had a bout with Allergies and lower back spasms. Did I mention getting old sucks.

I am the guy that got the DB about 2 months was their demo. The 1st smoke was St.Louis ribs (3-2-1 method) where the rack on the right side grate were under done and the one on the left grate was good. With almost 6 hours cooking at what I thought was around 230 - 235 the grill was in reality running about 190 - 200.

The 2nd smoke was a pork loin that came out real well...(I changed sides 1/2 way through the smoke) and this time used my Maverick 733 to determine temps and make adjustments.

Then I took out the right plate, and did an empty smoke and that is when I got a better read on the grate temps (which are not bad now/ 7 - 10 degrees variance left to right) and also by then had installed the new firmware, and after about an hour of running it I made the change to show the controller Varied by -20 degrees. So when controller was set to 240 degrees - it really should be 220. But was actually around +/- 210. So the variance did not help totally . I needed at least a 30 a 35 degree change to the controller I think. I think I need to try one more experiment with out the right and left heat shields, to see what this will do.

As I said I really have not had any time (sick) for past month and now getting ready to go out of town till Mid April.

I will overcome the issue yahoo.gif I know, just need some time to further experiment.
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Buck1949, Is his name Jason ? Hope you feel better get back to me when you get into town.
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Yes it is him. When I get back, I will try the DB w/o the left and right shields and see how it does overall. Then if still way off I will let you know.. And will call Jason. Thanks for your thoughts and help..
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I have one of the older stainless steel Traegars and loved it. Had to store it due to being on the road full time in my rv. I am a writer and hunt and fish across america and blog that and also am a sydicated columnist. 


I recently purchased a Davey Crockett model from GMG and find it to be perfect in a portable application. It holds 9 pounds of pellets and is pretty stingy on use too. The grill is big enough for two hams or turkey so its not a toy. Warranty has been seamless on a few minor issues. The first one got stolen after 100 day and I now have my second of the same model. 


It is a set and forget controls with Wifi for remote adjustments. 


Great company and love the ease and portability. 

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WITH the GMG you can smoke at 150 and that is super smokey. Flavor is wonderful and use of different types of pellets makes it custom made to each person. 

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HOME MADE PEPPERONI. I made a rack to hold more meat. 

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my son has one because his friends had one on the elk hunt last year and he said it was the best tasting food he has had off a grill.when he got his own he called and said they just had the best burgers at home so now I am going to buy other smoker made great thanksgiving turkey and this should be even better because you have more control.i will update

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I have, had one Daniel Boone. I just gave it away. I bought one a year ago and had a problem with the controller. It over heated the grill and about 30% of the paint was burnt off the grill.

GMG sent me a few controllers until one of the ones they sent worked. They also sent me a can of 1200 degree spray paint and told me to sand the burnt areas and spray paint them myself. Wow I spent almost 1 k on the grill and...  So that is what I did about a week after I painted it some of the paint peeled off and the unpainted parts are rusting.. I tolerated it for a while and then wrote them saying it looked like an old grill. They told me it was from grease that had dripped and corroded the paint on the grill.

Has grease ever corroded paint on any pan or grill ever?  I think they have quality problems. Their product works and smokes great but the build quality is questionable to me. 

I have never had a grill where the paint burnt off of it.

I have replaced my grill with a Rec Tech Grill. It seems to be a better build quality, heavier gauge steel,bigger hopper, 6 year warranty,etc.

I think reviews should be after a year of use things generally work well for at least a year except for my GMG Daniel Boone which now looks like crap.

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I have a Daniel Boone and love it.  As another poster suggested, the thermostat is very accurate, so you can start it up and go run chores.  I also spent the extra money for the Bluetooth capability, which allows you to program the cooker.  In the event you run overtime while running about, the cooker will shut off when it reaches target temp using the meat probe.  I also thing the GMG pellets are better than Traeger's.

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I own a Green Mountain Daniel Boone and I love it. Also I have had great service from their customer service.  Here is an additional tip to consider. When starting up I get a lot of smoke but then things stabilize and the level of smoke is not that much, even at its lowest setting of 150 F. After doing a lot of research on the internet I discovered an outfit called A-maZe-n smoking products.  I ordered a couple of different size tubes from then as I wanted to do some serious smoking in my pellet cooker.  At first I tried the tube in my Weber Genisis, but it seems that the smoke leakage was very much.  Then I tried it in my Green Mountain and I was really impressed. I smoked a batch of teriyaki salmon and it turned out great.!  There may be other companies that make a similar product.  Anyhow that is a good concept for  expanding the pellet cooker capabilities and I wanted to share that.





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They may not LOOK like they are smoking that much but its plenty of smoke flavor which is what you want. TOO MUCH SMOKE and you get the carcigens from the wood pellets or wood. 

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​Yes.  I have a Jim Bowie.  I have owned a twin-84 Lang (Stick burner), a Backwoods Hog Cooker (stick burner w/water bath, a Stumps Stretch, and now this pellet cooker.  If you are too lazy for charcoal.  The pellet cooker does not produce heavy smoke flavor even if you run it at 180-190 for the first few hours of a cook.  I added one of the expanded metal tube smoke generators and it still does not produce the heavy smoke flavor you are looking for.  If I were you, I'd buy a Pit Barrel Cooker.  They are highly rated, great price and operation is the simplest I have seen.

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I got one and when I use the Wi-Fi and step away at some time the grill shuts off ,not instantly but both times I checked the temp. and it had stopped. and the temp probe is not correct.but I have got great food

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Bought a GMG Daniel Boone on Black Friday. It's awesome so far. Fired it up did the burn in and then baked cookies and later that evening bacon wrapped chicken breast
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I cooked the turkey on mine very juicy delicious

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