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pics of my first smoked Prime Rib from 7/17

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The first pic is after a night in a red wine marinade, the second pic is about 2 hours into the smoke, The 3rd pic is  nnnnnnwehwnnn

when I pulled it of the smoker at around 140 degrees and ofcourse the last pic is the final product. Let me know what you guys think?





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makes me want a slice

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Looks awesome! Wana mail me some???

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Man that looks good. And I bet it taste as good as it looks.

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Looks awesome.  I keep checking the adds to see when they go on sale again.

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Left me, well, drooling!  19252-Clipart-Illustration-Of-An-Infatuated-Yellow-Smiley-Face-Hanging-Its-Tongue-Out-And-Drooling-Over-A-Pretty-Smiley.jpg

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You NAILED it!!  Looks great!!! Wish I had me some of that!!!!

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wow! nice job, did it taste as good as it looks?

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It looks awesome 

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Just doesn't get any better than that ! 





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That does look yummy - great job.  What smoke, seasoning, type of smoker, etc???

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That is truly gorgeous. Prime rib is my favorite meat. I never had it smoked though. I sure do want to now. How long did you smoke it for?

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WOW Now that's some fine looking prime rib you have there Tim.

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Nice job, makes me want to go get a rib roast

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that looks really good, i want some.


this is coming from someone who is not a big prime rib fan.  i like a marble in my steak, nothing beats a good ribeye but almost always when i get prime rib its too fatty for my liking.  that cut looks like it has just the right mix of fat in it.


nice work.

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Mmmmmm.....Looks perfect!

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That looks VERY good.


What did you cook it in, what temperature? 


Looks like my Weber propane grill.  If it was done in a grill, what did you do for smoke?

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Ok thanks everybody for the comments. I have a Bar B Chef offset smoker and I used a mix of Hickory/Oak wood for I think around 6 hours at 220. I did pull it out at around 140 degrees and yes everyone it tasted awesome and there wasn't all the fat in the meat either it melted in my mouth like butter.

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Kudos on the sweet looking Prime... You got great colour, inside and out!!!

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