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Smoked whitefish is great stuff.  Too many bones though for me, I like salmon and Northern Pike.  EXCELLENT.  (Been over to Algoma lots of times).

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When it comes to the grill racks from my MES 40, I still prefer the Dishwasher I got in 1968!!
She still does an Outstanding Job!!

Ha ha ! Well , I got one of those in '72 and she balks a little at those greasy burnt on grill jobs. ,but she's real good on plates and glasses....biggrin.gif
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some companies say wash inside with a mild soap but i agree with everyone else,you clean it to much youll have to re-season a couple said,i put a foil lining on the bottom and foil line the water pan as well.....then when the meats done i wipe the inside down with a regular dry towel.......its easier to get it off the inside walls while at a descent temp still before it completely dries.

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I just tried the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on the window of mes and it brought it back to new! I just wiped it after my last smoke and it came totally clean. I just used water.
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Clean it? took me since Christmas to get the thing looking and smelling right.  Sometime when there is no leftovers in the house I just go out and sniff the thing to make me feel better.

Me too. :biggrin:

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I have two "dishwashers" at my place and NO they are not both human.  One I have had LONG before automatic dishwashers were ever invented, the other one is a KitchenAid sold a while back.


Since the smoker racks won't fit into the KitchenAid, that leaves the "human" dishwasher.  She is willing but I think laying that task on her would be a bit unfair.  She does however enjoy the fruits of my labor.


Guess I'll stick to the cutoff barrel idea, cleaning them by hand and move on.

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