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Brisket ?'s

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I'm thinking about smoking my first brisket this much so that I just picked up a decent-sized packer from the store yesterday.


I've read many of the posts here about how to smoke the brisket, but do have one question that I haven't been able to find the answer to.  Once I pull the brisket out of the smoker and put it in the cooler to rest (wrapped in foil and towels), will the brisket continue to rise in temp?  If so, and I want it to be at 195* for slicing, should I pull it off and put it in the cooler at 185*-190*?  Or just wrap and put in the cooler for a couple of hours once it reaches 195*?


Also (please forgive me if this is a dumb question) but what's the difference between a finishing sauce, and a regular BBQ sauce? 

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wrap and put it in the cooler once it reaches 190*.  If I foil the brisket, I open up the foil and let some of the heat out (and the liquid) before I put it in the cooler to rest.  As for the finishing sauce, I put a pan under the brisket while I smoke and I also take the liquid from the foil and use that.  Usually I get a lot of juice since I always inject before smoking.

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The first thing is there areno dumb questions. After all you want to learn how to smoke a great brisket and that's what we are here for. We love to help other folks enjoy the glory and the good eats of a brisket. Now you will already have your brisket in some foil so I would wrap it again with some foil and then put it into a dry cooler for atleast an hour if not more. It will continue to cook but it won't do it no harm. It will be really good trust us.

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what temp would you wrap it in foil? like 165ish?

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I wrap in foil at 165

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Originally Posted by bmudd14474 View Post

I wrap in foil at 165

thanks, just wanted to double check that i was thinking right......

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