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Turkey Breast on the bone w/ qview

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Did a turkey breast on the bone, no legs or wings. Stuffed the cavity with onion and oranges and rubbed with olive oil and seasoning. I used wood squires to secure the stuffing. Smoked it with pecan chunks and apple chips at 225-250 for about 4 ish hrs. temp to 167 degrees. pulled it out and let it rest. But had to run out and pick up something that took longer than expected but the bird was still great. Moist and light smoke not super heavy the way I like it for turkey. I spritzed with ( white wine / maple syrup / and a little rye- canadian whisky- every hour ) And some ABT's on the side my guests saw my last pics and had to have some so I made a 24 batch.



Oh I had some Clam and beer with it cuz my Canadian Friends were visiting.




Turkey out and resting




Skin removed and sliced, its key to get the spice rubbed in under the skin without breaking the skin and then season the skin also, and the cavity.

So tasty with Mashed potato's and salad. And no gravy is needed with this turkey. Everyone loved it.





And here is what took me away from my Smoked Turkey for so long




7 weeks old and she's our newest family member.


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that turkey is perfect looking

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im doing a boneless breast(at least I think it boneless lol the wife buys everything :) ) this weekend. Hope it comes out as nice.

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I did it breast down for the first hour and then flipped it and sprayed every hour till 167.

Its one of my favorite things to smoke.

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Your turke breast looks yummO. Maybe a little like a procipine but good.

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