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did you let them  sit in mixture till you ready to eat?

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excellent post


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These eggs are awesome, I have tried both prepared yellow mustard and powdered mustard, the flavor was the same, but the powdered mustard gave it just a little more mustard flavor, I think i'll stay with prepared mustard.

I have also made  a version using sirracha hot sauce, I just replaced the mustard  with the hot sauce

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My wife makes one pretty close to that but no mustard instead its hot pickled peppers. Then throw in a few real hot ones for kick and a lot of sliced onions. HMMMM!
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Gotta get me some eggs to try, after the rave reviews. Will do one batch with the original recipe, and one with red pepper flakes for some tang. Thanks.
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Wow. this recipe looks great...Gonna do it soon....Looks-Great.gif

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Thank you for the recipe---last eggs i ate was maybe 40 some yrs ago--bar eggs so not good---these were great--Thank your mom for me and tell her the recipe is world wide now--Phil Williams Chiang Mai Thailand

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Follow up post


December 12th, 2010 start

August 24th, 2011 (7 months later) I originally made these in early December 2010 and just sliced up one for a snack the entire egg is solid yellow, and tastes fine to me.


October 10th, 2011(10 months Later) and still edible, the eggs are starting to get a bit denser more crumbly like but still good


February 15th, 2012 (14 months later) Still tastes fine, texture has gotten a little denser for lack of a better word.


August 5th, 2013 (2 years 8 months later)


  • Ok here we go




  • That don't look so bad, lets cut it in half.




  • Hmmm... I better put some pepper on... just in case




  • The moment of truth.




The eggs taste the same and has the same texture as February's test.

I'll continue till the eggs are gone but would say that for best texture and flavor, keep it under 6 months.


I think that "Preppers" would be happy with these eggs.


I'll be back in December for the three year mark... If I have any eggs left.

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SQWIB.....   You are one tough dude......    I wouldn't have the cajones to do that test....    beercheer.gif .....

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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

SQWIB.....   You are one tough dude......    I wouldn't have the cajones to do that test....    beercheer.gif .....

You and me both! One heck of a trooper!

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At least it wasn't green!

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Sqwib... thanks for "taking one for the team"....
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Whats the name of those spoilled goony bird eggs they eat in the pacific?

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Well its that time again.



July 9th, 2016.


A buddy of mine was over helping me kick a keg... we were unsuccessful but had fun. I had a Sixtel of Sam Adams in the fridge and need to return the tap, anyhow as we keep opening the fridge I saw the Amish Mustard Eggs and was telling my Co-Drinker about how I have been saving and eating an egg every year, he didn't believe me until I pulled the eggs out, I said, "I wanted to go 10 years" he just laughed.


Anyhow we took one out, sliced it in half and each ate, drunks will eat anything and I knew we were lit because we thought it tasted OK.


These were made on December 12th, 2010, so its been 5 years 7 months a little short of my 6 year mark. I have two eggs left that are earmarked for 2017 and 2018.

Well I'm still here and had no issues.

Notice how the yolk shrunk!


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I was looking up details about pickled eggs when I came across this thread. I've been into pickled eggs for a while now, and I'm going to have to give this a try, along with the buffalo wing version. Curious to see how the 2017 test goes.
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I bookmarked it thank you.

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interesting.. SQWIB  got any left?

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I think I got one left.

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