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Other stuff!

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After smoking the cheese, I flaked and deboned a can of Red Salmon and laid it out on a plate, then added some more dust to the AMNS and smoked it for 3 hours:




After smoking, I added egg, minced up onion, parsley, pepper, garlic, 2 eggs and breadcrumbs, made patties, rolled in breadcrumbs and fried in a little oil... now I've got smoked salmon patties for lunch for the week!  The smoked flavor came thru great!






Then, last but not least, I fried up a container of chicken livers, put them on a plate and added some more dust to the AMNS and smoked those for 3 hours while I mowed the lawn!  Iron supplement is done!  And wow, what a wonderful flavor!

The beauty of the AMNS is that you don't need electricity or propane or tons of wood to bring hearty smoked flavor to any kind of food!  It's natural burning, not a liquid, adds wonderful flavors without the bitterness that liquid smokes produce. tried the cheese... OMG!  Just A-Maze-N!011.JPG

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Awesome Pop, or let me just say;


A-MAZE-N !!!



Thanks for showing----Great idea!,


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That is a fabulous idea and looks great.  I ordered my A-maze-n smoker last week.  I can't wait!

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Pops -- great ideas!  I think I'll try the salmon!  Might make some smoked salmon sald instead of patties.  Or both!


Did you use your mini refrigerator?

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