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Membrane or not? That is the question.

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Ok I smoke spares every week. Ive tried both ways, with and without membrane. I cant tell a difference hardly. I think they retain more moisture with it on, but that may be my pre concieved thought playing tricks on me.   As we speak, I have 11 racks going, 1/2 with and 1/2 without. Whats yalls thoughts?

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No membrane.

- Spices have access to the meat without the membrane in the way.

- I would rather chew and eat just the meat.

- Moisture can stay with slow n' low temps and spritzing.

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I won't put any ribs on my smoker w/o removing the membrane.especially since i taught my wife to remove them.

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No Membrane

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The membrane is made of elastin (think rubber band) and can't be digested. You wouldn't try to eat a rubber band, would you?

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It takes seconds to remove.. Start in the middle of the rack and slide a butterknife between the membrane and a bone from one end to the other. now slide your middle finger under there and grab the membrane and pull it firmly but slowly until it comes off.

It's insane to cook a membrane...

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Yep - we remove the membrane.

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No Membrane!!

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I've never removed it, and I've never noticed it was there. I'll remove it on my next one just to see, but all the BB ribs I have cooked had it on there I guess because I take it out the pack, rinse and season.

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I remove it on mine.

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Remove it here also...

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Send one of each to me and I will let you know which I prefer.....

Right now I am in the No Membrane camp because  that's how I learned it.

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