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Chikn legs and wings.

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All these legs n wings were on sale so i grabbed a bunch and ran. lol

I'm using just a bit of Lysanders pork rub and smoking with hickory and a little oak. Skin on of course and i will turn them every half hour and spritz with apple juice.


Qview coming soon.

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Got busy and didn't get time to post Qview so here it is......


Wings n legs dusted with rub....




On to pit with hickory smoke at 275......




checked temp, legs at 170  time to pull em off....




Time to dig in and enjoy, kids wore out the legs first, mom n dad were left with wings. :)




Nothing was left but a pile of clean bones..... Thanks for checking out my Qview....  :)

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Looks like some good eating!!

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mmmmmmmmmmm!  Tasty lookin!   Wings this weekend might just be the ticket!  Thanks for sharing. 

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Looks good. I need to try some chicken wings sometime.

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Looks like a good dinner.

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Looks good.  I toss them in olive oil and hit them wtih cajuan seasoning and crushed red pepper.  gives it a no sauce needed zing and the skins crisps right up. 

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Looks very tasty, will be smoking wings and drumettes for the second time this evening. Thanks for sharing.

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