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Hello from Louisiana

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Hello everyone, I have been lurking around this site for a few months. I was planning on getting a MES 40 for fathers day but my deep freeze went out so the smoker got delayed a few weeks.


I have the amaze-n-smoker, a few digital thermometers and going to get the smoker tomorrow. I will post up some pics when I make my first smoke.


Happy Smokin' everyone..........

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cest ce bon,


 welcome to SMF!

 where ya located here in the bayou state?

 We have a pretty good crew from here.

 The MES 40 is what i use and it's a great unit.

 check out the events section for information on the south louisiana gathering of smokers

coming up in October.

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Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to your first qview.

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Welcome to the addiction Bluechip. If you haven't already you should check out Jeff's 5 day e-course. He has a lot of good pointers.  

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First off Welcome Bluechip to SMF. you'll like it here for there are alot of really good folks here that would just love to help you with just about anything to do with smoking. Now there are alot of proven recipes for some amazing things here too. So if you need sign up for the E-Course it's free and it will give you the basics of smoking and some good methods to use also. So the next big thing for you to do is go out and get you something to smoke and if you happen to have any questions just post it here and we will be happy to answer them for you.


Welcome To Your New Addiction 

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welcome bluechip. glad to have ya. Are you BlueChip from SaltyCajun?

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Yep....that's me...

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welcome to smf, you will like it here, great people great info

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Welcome aboard, Blue.

Good to have ya.  Hope all is well in LA with all the BP ~!@# going on.  Glad they finally got it capped.  I have some good friends down that way, so hang in there, man.


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Welsome, BlueChip!! We have a casino up here in Indiana named after you! :)


I love it here... You'll meet a lot of cool folks.



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Hey bluechip, Bout dang time you showed up!!!   EMAN

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Hey eman......yep, I'm here. Next time I'm headin' to the Red Stick, I will let you know. Maybe we can have a cup of coffee or something...and talk smokin'..


I have so much to learn....

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You need to come over to the south louisiana gathering  oct 8 ,9 ,10 at Als farm. it's a family affair so you can bring the wife, gf or both if they know each other.

 There will be some smokin fools there and you can learn alot.  besides you can help me do a gumbo demo for our members that want to learn to make a roux.

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Welcome from Denham Springs. 

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