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Pork Butt, much better than a Picnic

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A 9lb pork butt, rubbed with McCormack Sweet&Smokey/Demera sugar mix. I don't know why, but it took forever to cook. It tasted great!



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Looks awesome! I can almost taste it. I agree 100%, pork butt rules! I know a picnic is cheaper but I would rather spend the extra money and buy extra butts rather than a large picnic.


Looks like you nailed this one!

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Great looking bark on that there butt!  The couple of 9 pounders I've done have taken upwards of 13 and 15 hours...but oh so worth the wait! lol  

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I agree butts are much better and that one looks like it came out awesome

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Wow that looks super moist what a great pic i bet it taste amazing!! One thing i cant stand is dried out pork.

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Nice job on that butt.

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your butt look great, very moist, bet it tasted great too

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Thanks All!

Low and slow for sure. That butt took 1 40oz of Bud light, a growler of BBC Steel Rail Ale, a couple beers out with my son and his girl, and some sleep to cook. I really have to work on that. 

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So, who was getting smoked in this process!? haha, How did you get that so darn moist? Looks FANTASTIC!

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Zamboni-(any relation to the ice rink resurfacing machine inventor?)


The butt is the only thing to buy, and by the way it looks you have done very well.  Congrats on a great looking smoke. 

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The pork shoulder picnic is the musculature providing the locomotion to the hog in the front leg, whereas the butt is above it, more in supporting the head and the shoulder blade and isn't worked anywhere near as much.  The shoulder picnic is much leaner with far less marbling throughout because of its strenuous daily workouts and that makes it dryer when cooked, and conversely a stronger flavor to the meat because of the leanness.  The shoulder butt has much greater fat dispersion and marbling, and fat is an acronym..  Flavor And Tenderness! 

Great job on the butt! 

BTW, Frank Zamboni came from Watertown, NY (my home town), the inventor of the Zamboni!  As asked above, any relation?

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No relation- it's just an online name!  I've always wanted to drive one


Probably poor food handling, but total time for that crazy meat was 21 hours, I put it in the smoker before it got hot, took forever to get to 135-140, then forever to get to 190, when I couldn't stand the waiting and took it out. My digital therm on the same rack read between 220-265.  It was super moist and I did use a little finishing sauce.

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It looks fantastic and I am sure tasted just as good too...I don't see a lot of bark on it, so I have to ask...did you spritz it with anything?


Thanks for the post...Walker

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I used a ketchup type squirt bottle with Worcestershire, olive oil, lemon, vinegar, Emeril's Essence type seasoning, maybe some other stuff. It did taste pretty good, and the outside was not dry. I gave up on the baste after a while, though. Next pics will be off the foil, I think that it confuses the camera.

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Those are some fantastic pictures and it looks delicious... It's like I can taste it with my eyes!!! Kudos on the great butt!


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Looks great from my house!




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